Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jan Di, the girl of justice.

As soon as Jan di can get away from the mob and the Fab4 she runs to a balcony and starts to vent her frustrations. She screams at the Fab4, calling them raw sewage. As she yells about all the things she’d like to do with these young rats, she discovers that she is not alone! Turning to see who witnessed her outburst Jan di spies a pair of long legs. It’s the boy in white from the other day. He was sleeping by the stairs and her performance disturbed him. The handsome man confirms her worst fears, he heard her. He finds her funny and annoying. He smiles at her shame as he walks back to the school. Jan di is embarrassed by her outburst and stumbles for words. Adding insult to the injury the boy turns back from the door and informs her that the leader of the group’s name is Goo Pyo, and if she is going to slur someone she should get their names right.
Later in the day, lunch is served at the school. The food is from the freshest ingredients and prepared by top chiefs. The drinks are served in wine glasses, and the food is served on real dishes. The three beauties are about to enjoy their meals when they smell something that offends their delicate senses. Jan di is alone at a table stuffing her face with relish. The three beauties walk over to confirm their suspicions that her meal is the cause of the rotten smell. They decide to inform Jan di that her food smells bad and is a nuisance. Jan di eats without pause and informs them that paying 50.00 on food is a nuisance in her house. Before the girls can start to go at it, the atmosphere changes and hearts are all a flutter…It’s the Fab4, they have entered the cafeteria. For now, Jan di and her lunch are safe. Jan di watches their parade with loathing in her eyes. Till she hears a girl’s voice ask if she may try some of her food. Jan di looks up to see a pretty girl with flowers in her hair smile at her. Jan di has made at least one friend in this crazy school.
After school, Jan di has work at a local porridge shop. While there, she talks to her best friend and co-worker, Chu, Ga Eul. Chu Ga is happy that Jan di has made a friend at school. Jan di says she is a loner and intends to keep her head down and her mouth shut. Her mission is to get through high school unscathed. Chu Ga is upset at her friend’s remark, this doesn't sound like the Jan di she knows. “Who was the one who stood up to all the gangs in Jr. High? Who was the one they called, the girl of justice?” Smiling at her friend’s faith in her, she responds that in a school as this, she must not make waves and keep her head down. She can’t act out how she wishes, she could get kicked out of this school for fighting, and then her mom would kill her.
Back at home, Jan di family is forcing beauty treatments on her. Jan di screams at her mom to let her get up and take the cucumbers off her face. Her mom scolds her into putting them back on. She is supposed to catch the eye of a rich boy while there and get her family out of their current state of poverty. Getting up off the floor Jan di sees her father slaving away on her school uniform. She wonders how her father can do this, when he has worked all day ironing other’s clothes. He tells Jan di that his arms could never tire from working on such fine clothe. Even people’s wedding clothes aren’t made of such fine cloth. Jan di though touched by her father’s care and hard work, storms off to her room annoyed at family. They seem to love and worship her school and all the rich students who go there. They don’t seem to care that most of the people there would not give her family the time of day if they were to meet them.
In her bathroom, Jan di brushes her teeth and decides that tomorrow the girl of justice will confront the Fab4, they’ll be sorry.

The Fab4 are going to get it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Picture issues.

Well, I thought I would provide more pictures on here.

This one seemed to work.
Here you go, the Fab4 looking bad in black and leather.
Of course sweet Yoon  Ji Hoo is wearing grey. He has to be different since he's not like the rest of them. ::Sigh::

Photo courtesy of DramaFever 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The manga that started it all.

Just a short update today.
Still have pages of BOF episode 1 to edit and type!

Did you know that the show "Boys Over Flowers" was a manga long before it became the hit TV show? Reading the manga gives the viewer a more in depth understanding of the story line. Of course some things will be left out of the show due to network rules and time frames. It's still a treat to see the different takes on the same characters.

An interesting observation is the role of Jan Di in the comics and the TV show. Each version represents  their societies ideal role for young girls. Japan's (the manga's) Jan Di is a little clumsy and also very independent. In the TV show (South Korea) Jan Di does speaks her mind often, but is very close and loyal to her family and friends. Just my perception of the differences, I am not an expert.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boys Over Flowers: Nicknames.

Hello, all my fellow BOF fans.

While re-watching the show to write reviews for this blog, I have gotten into the habit of making up nicknames for the characters.

A lot of the names are based on how I feel about them right now, fair warning some of them are not nice...

Goo Joon Pyo-Poopboy.
(Sorry, I warned you!)

Yoon Ji Hoo-Boy in White, or Mr. Perfect.

So Yi Jung-Girl Chasing Pothead.

Song Woo Bin-Money Bags with Mafia connections.

Geum Jan Di-Wonder Girl, or Justice Girl.

These nicknames are subject to change in any giving time.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Boys Over Flowers: Meet the Fab4!

Jan Di starts school the next day and it is then that we meet the Fab4. Stay tuned…
The Fab4.
They’re rich, pretty, the have curly hair and wear furs…Enter the Fab4. Shin Hwa’s Academy answer to the Beatles, Elvis, the Fonzie, and Brad Pitt. Each young man comes from a wealthy and prominent family. Their money and good looks makes them the darlings of the school. They have always been the center of attention, and gotten anything they wanted.
The school is no different; why should it be. What the Fab4 love, the school loves. What the Fab4 hate, the school hates. The students at the academy wait and hope to see their beloved Fab4 walk into the school and grace them with their presence. A look from them is a blessing, a frown from them is a death sentence carried out by the students.
It is a wonder that Shin Hwa’s Academy can get anything done with the Fab4 ruling the school. Even the teachers and staff are afraid of them. Shin Hwa Academy, is the Fab4’s playground and nothing can stand in the way of these impeccably dressed teen tyrants…Until the girl of justice shows up.
Meet the young and dazzling young men of the Fab4.

They are:

Song Woo Bin, is the heir of II Sim Construction. He comes from a family of real estate tycoons. The company also owns several clubs and salons. Song Woo Bin's little black book could be worth a few hundred bucks. Song Woo Bin, is sort of the bad guy of the four, with his leather gloves and fighting skills.

So Yi Jung: Is a genius in ceramics. He debuted his work at the age of sixteen. Making him the youngest artist to be selected by Unesco. He is the only member of the Fab4 to have achieved wealth and success on his own. So Yi Jung's Grandfather is the owner of Woo-song  museum. So Yi Jung has a sweet face, and both ears are pierced.

Yoon Ji Hoo: Ji Hoo comes from a tragic past. When he was five, he and both is parents were in a car accident. He was the only survivor of the crash. Yoon Ji Hoo rides a motor cycle and has a habit of wearing white, he also plays the violin.

Last but not least is Goo Joon Pyo: He is the most wealthy and spoiled member of the group. Snobbery takes on a completely new meaning with Goo Joon Pyo. He has a house filled with servants, and everything he ever wanted. Goo Joon Pyo is the leader of the Fab4 and successor of the great Shin Hwa group; the company who own's half of Skorea. Goo Joon Pyo has the most style in his dress, he enjoys wearing elaborate clothing and has his hair curled.

                                               Image courtesy of DramaFever.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Would you believe I haven't left you?

Well, I haven't.
I have currently been re-watching the first episode of Boys Over Flowers and taking notes.
Let me re-phrase that last bit, I have been watching a few minutes here and there and pausing to take notes.
I want my run-down of each episode to be really good and to the point.
I keep getting caught up in all the drama of this show all over again.

Will Jan-di ever get a break at that snooty school?
Why is she so stuck up about rich people?
Why are the kids at that school, borderline criminal?
Oh, I know why...I won't say till I post the first episode on here.

Completely off topic, but I wish those Korean drama networks would have better descriptions for the shows and episodes they offer. Before watching the next episode in BOF, I would read their description and they were horrible. I can understanding getting names wrong, sometimes there aren't any sources out there to correct those mistakes  so they get a pass on that. However, they would say things happened that never came to pass. Another issues I ran across was the same episode description for two different episodes. This wasn't for an unknown  site, but a major streamlining service.

This and many other reasons is why I created this blog, I would want someone to take the shows I watched and loved and do them a great run down of each episode.

When I do get through BOF episode 1, I have to warn you that there will be spoilers.
If you haven't seen the episode, please don't spoil the fun for yourself.
Use my blog as an episode guide, or refresher in all your Boys Over Flower Needs.

On another note, I still want to talk about the manga as well, may have to bite the bullet and just start writing about that as well.

To all who do or have read this blog, thanks so much for your eyes pointed in my direction.

Please don't be shy and comment if you care to.

Friday, May 24, 2013

At long last, I update!
Not much to mention, I tried watching Flower Boy Roman Shop, it wasn't as good as BOF so I stopped after one episode.

Trying to find the English translation of the comic, but unless I wish to shell out ten bucks a pop on the big A store I don't see that happening.

Korean dramas sure are full of drama.

The villeins are mean and cruel for no reason, it's as though they are born that way.
The good people never stand up for themselves, even when someone is saying something that is just completely untrue.
There also seems to be a major class system over there, as though you can only rise so high above your birth and that is all you can expect in life.

Women are can only hope to marry well, or work and support a family and live in a tiny apartment.
The men are expected to not marry beneath them and work, work and work some more.

Interesting culture.
I'm really surprised how sweet and innocent stories with teenagers are.
No messing around going on over there, not till marriage.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Boys Over Flowers episode 1 guide part 2

Hello again.
When we last left off, Madam Soo was upset that the name of her excellent academy was being dragged through the mud, all because of one simple stupid little girl. 
The solution to stop the press from sticking their noses where they don’t belong, and taking the mysterious girl out of the lime light; a scholarship.
Madam Soo’s chief secretary goes to Jan Di’s home and informs her that for her selfless act, she has been awarded a scholarship to the prestigious, Shin Hwa Academy, (the very same school of the boy whose life she saved). Jan Di’s family is so excited that she is going to the school. They see it as a way for them to climb the rungs of wealth and power. In their minds, Jan Di will go to a rich school, meet a nice rich boy and he will be so taken with her that he’ll bestow gifts and fortunes upon her family. Soon, they will marry and her family will live the life of luxury.
Jan Di, does not want to go to the school. She does not like how people with money behave, and treat others. She screams at her family that she will not go and that is all there is to it. Her family reminds her that this school has an amazing swimming pool. This give Jan Di pause, they found her Achille's heel, or swimmer's ear, she loves to swim. She considers it a moment, then says no again. Against her daughter's wishes, Jan Di's mother forces her to go, seeing it as a chance for their family to have a better life. The next day, Jan Di starts at Shin Hwa Academy, and we meet the Fab4. Stay tuned... 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Boys Over Flowers episode 1

Boys Over Flowers: Episode 1.
Part 1 of my review.

The show opens to scenes of the Academy and a teenage boy opening his locker that has a red card hanging in it. The camera pans out to show that his classmates have been slowly inching their way up to him, and as soon as they see the card, they unleash hell on his body, and chase him into a bathroom where a deadly beating ensues. The boy breaks away and tries to find a place to hide; finding non-he runs to the top of a building, to end it all.
A young girl on a bike rides into the school, with dry cleaning for one of the students. Her search to find her customer leads her to the roof of the building where the boy is standing. She sees a large group of students all piled in front of the lone student who is on the edge of the building. Talking to him, he admits that he is being forced into ending his life. At first the girl, thinks he is being dramatic, until she sees that he intends to jump. She looks around to see if others will help, and is met with kids showing amused interest as they get out their cell phones and film the whole thing. The boy says that when you get a red card, your classmates hunt you down, and beat you down until you give up.
Jan Di is enraged when she hears this and tells the boy that only cowards and lowlife’s hang out in packs and beat on one person. She then proclaims that if they had done this to her, she would fight for what is right and destroy them. The boy laughs sadly at her and asks, “you’ve never meet the Fab4 right?” At this he jumps off the roof, but Jan Di races and catches him, saving his life.
Jan Di is a hero, but the head of Shin Hwa is not happy with all the bad press her school has gotten because of the incident. Questions about why the boy was jumping, and how people are treated at the school, and if the school is a safe and healthy environment for students to attend. Jan Di is getting great press, Shin Hwa, wants the whole thing put to bed. How can they make the people and press happy and shut up about one stupid insignificant boy?

Boys Over Flowers

Shin Hwa group owns almost half of everything in Korea. From shopping malls, to oil, to hotels, to manufacturing, their name can be see everywhere.

Shin Hwa Academy was created by the owner of Shin Hwa group, because he wanted to create a school that he fond suitable for his grandchildren to attend.

Shin Hwa Academy, is a large and beautiful school, with large rolling green hills, large and imposing buildings of study, and a student body so rich, lovely, and exclusive, even the 1% have a hard time getting in.

The school and the students have only had to deal with their own social bubble, they are unprepared for the new girl in school. 

After saving the life of a student from elite Shin Hwa Academy, Jin Di receives a scholarship to the school. This school is run by a group of boys known as the Fab4, who have everyone doing their bidding and suffering their pranks.  Jin Di may seem little and no match for this group of privileged, evil teenagers, but she is mighty and with a strong sense of justice. It is only when the leader of the Fab4 attacks her friend that she stands up to them. What could be more shocking than someone standing up to the Fab4? How about the leader, falling in love with her?

Of all the jungles in the world, there is non so dangerous, dense, and deadly as the path to High School.

The story of "Boys Over Flowers" does well to depict the High School students in their natural habitat. Cruel and soul crushing by nature, these animals are deadly on their own, but in Shin Hwa Academy, they do it with style, and with the whole school behind them. In this school, the Fab4 only has to point you out as unwanted, and the rest of the school will do their dirty work. The victim will find their friends turn on them, not even a teacher or school board member will help you. To help another would mean to be targeted for interference  and so the whole school is a mindless mob hurting and exploiting their fellow man. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Writing about Kdramas.

I had the corner market(not sure if that's the correct way to say that?) on some content orders a few weeks ago, well some jerk who lives there is eating up all the orders. They are about 30 to 50 words, but only 1 cent per word, so unless I've watched them...
I can find the shows on Dramafever easily enough, but they are an hour long, and to spend an hour to earn fifty cents...

I offered to work for them exclusively and they said they might consider it. I quoted a high price so we could haggle it out and sorry my time is worth money...They have not responded, why should they when there is someone who can do it for half the cost.

Seems most people want Cheap, Fast, Good writing and they forget that half the time you can only get one. So I guess if I had only asked for 2 cent a word, I might have gotten them to accept my work.

Oh well, not every time will get you money.

In the meantime, I will devote myself to my Kblog and hope that someone will love it and want me to write for them for more than one cent per word.

watching last Episode of Boys Over Flowers.

So tonight is the night that I'll be watching the last episode of Boys Over Flowers.

I have to admit that the show has lost some of it's charm for me.

I mean c'mon, the mom is so mean and the girl is too nice and never even speaks up for herself?

I don't get it.

Oh, well, off to watch the last one.