Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jan Di, the girl of justice.

As soon as Jan di can get away from the mob and the Fab4 she runs to a balcony and starts to vent her frustrations. She screams at the Fab4, calling them raw sewage. As she yells about all the things she’d like to do with these young rats, she discovers that she is not alone! Turning to see who witnessed her outburst Jan di spies a pair of long legs. It’s the boy in white from the other day. He was sleeping by the stairs and her performance disturbed him. The handsome man confirms her worst fears, he heard her. He finds her funny and annoying. He smiles at her shame as he walks back to the school. Jan di is embarrassed by her outburst and stumbles for words. Adding insult to the injury the boy turns back from the door and informs her that the leader of the group’s name is Goo Pyo, and if she is going to slur someone she should get their names right.
Later in the day, lunch is served at the school. The food is from the freshest ingredients and prepared by top chiefs. The drinks are served in wine glasses, and the food is served on real dishes. The three beauties are about to enjoy their meals when they smell something that offends their delicate senses. Jan di is alone at a table stuffing her face with relish. The three beauties walk over to confirm their suspicions that her meal is the cause of the rotten smell. They decide to inform Jan di that her food smells bad and is a nuisance. Jan di eats without pause and informs them that paying 50.00 on food is a nuisance in her house. Before the girls can start to go at it, the atmosphere changes and hearts are all a flutter…It’s the Fab4, they have entered the cafeteria. For now, Jan di and her lunch are safe. Jan di watches their parade with loathing in her eyes. Till she hears a girl’s voice ask if she may try some of her food. Jan di looks up to see a pretty girl with flowers in her hair smile at her. Jan di has made at least one friend in this crazy school.
After school, Jan di has work at a local porridge shop. While there, she talks to her best friend and co-worker, Chu, Ga Eul. Chu Ga is happy that Jan di has made a friend at school. Jan di says she is a loner and intends to keep her head down and her mouth shut. Her mission is to get through high school unscathed. Chu Ga is upset at her friend’s remark, this doesn't sound like the Jan di she knows. “Who was the one who stood up to all the gangs in Jr. High? Who was the one they called, the girl of justice?” Smiling at her friend’s faith in her, she responds that in a school as this, she must not make waves and keep her head down. She can’t act out how she wishes, she could get kicked out of this school for fighting, and then her mom would kill her.
Back at home, Jan di family is forcing beauty treatments on her. Jan di screams at her mom to let her get up and take the cucumbers off her face. Her mom scolds her into putting them back on. She is supposed to catch the eye of a rich boy while there and get her family out of their current state of poverty. Getting up off the floor Jan di sees her father slaving away on her school uniform. She wonders how her father can do this, when he has worked all day ironing other’s clothes. He tells Jan di that his arms could never tire from working on such fine clothe. Even people’s wedding clothes aren’t made of such fine cloth. Jan di though touched by her father’s care and hard work, storms off to her room annoyed at family. They seem to love and worship her school and all the rich students who go there. They don’t seem to care that most of the people there would not give her family the time of day if they were to meet them.
In her bathroom, Jan di brushes her teeth and decides that tomorrow the girl of justice will confront the Fab4, they’ll be sorry.

The Fab4 are going to get it.

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