Thursday, June 6, 2013

The manga that started it all.

Just a short update today.
Still have pages of BOF episode 1 to edit and type!

Did you know that the show "Boys Over Flowers" was a manga long before it became the hit TV show? Reading the manga gives the viewer a more in depth understanding of the story line. Of course some things will be left out of the show due to network rules and time frames. It's still a treat to see the different takes on the same characters.

An interesting observation is the role of Jan Di in the comics and the TV show. Each version represents  their societies ideal role for young girls. Japan's (the manga's) Jan Di is a little clumsy and also very independent. In the TV show (South Korea) Jan Di does speaks her mind often, but is very close and loyal to her family and friends. Just my perception of the differences, I am not an expert.

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