Thursday, May 30, 2013

Would you believe I haven't left you?

Well, I haven't.
I have currently been re-watching the first episode of Boys Over Flowers and taking notes.
Let me re-phrase that last bit, I have been watching a few minutes here and there and pausing to take notes.
I want my run-down of each episode to be really good and to the point.
I keep getting caught up in all the drama of this show all over again.

Will Jan-di ever get a break at that snooty school?
Why is she so stuck up about rich people?
Why are the kids at that school, borderline criminal?
Oh, I know why...I won't say till I post the first episode on here.

Completely off topic, but I wish those Korean drama networks would have better descriptions for the shows and episodes they offer. Before watching the next episode in BOF, I would read their description and they were horrible. I can understanding getting names wrong, sometimes there aren't any sources out there to correct those mistakes  so they get a pass on that. However, they would say things happened that never came to pass. Another issues I ran across was the same episode description for two different episodes. This wasn't for an unknown  site, but a major streamlining service.

This and many other reasons is why I created this blog, I would want someone to take the shows I watched and loved and do them a great run down of each episode.

When I do get through BOF episode 1, I have to warn you that there will be spoilers.
If you haven't seen the episode, please don't spoil the fun for yourself.
Use my blog as an episode guide, or refresher in all your Boys Over Flower Needs.

On another note, I still want to talk about the manga as well, may have to bite the bullet and just start writing about that as well.

To all who do or have read this blog, thanks so much for your eyes pointed in my direction.

Please don't be shy and comment if you care to.

Friday, May 24, 2013

At long last, I update!
Not much to mention, I tried watching Flower Boy Roman Shop, it wasn't as good as BOF so I stopped after one episode.

Trying to find the English translation of the comic, but unless I wish to shell out ten bucks a pop on the big A store I don't see that happening.

Korean dramas sure are full of drama.

The villeins are mean and cruel for no reason, it's as though they are born that way.
The good people never stand up for themselves, even when someone is saying something that is just completely untrue.
There also seems to be a major class system over there, as though you can only rise so high above your birth and that is all you can expect in life.

Women are can only hope to marry well, or work and support a family and live in a tiny apartment.
The men are expected to not marry beneath them and work, work and work some more.

Interesting culture.
I'm really surprised how sweet and innocent stories with teenagers are.
No messing around going on over there, not till marriage.