Monday, June 3, 2013

Boys Over Flowers: Meet the Fab4!

Jan Di starts school the next day and it is then that we meet the Fab4. Stay tuned…
The Fab4.
They’re rich, pretty, the have curly hair and wear furs…Enter the Fab4. Shin Hwa’s Academy answer to the Beatles, Elvis, the Fonzie, and Brad Pitt. Each young man comes from a wealthy and prominent family. Their money and good looks makes them the darlings of the school. They have always been the center of attention, and gotten anything they wanted.
The school is no different; why should it be. What the Fab4 love, the school loves. What the Fab4 hate, the school hates. The students at the academy wait and hope to see their beloved Fab4 walk into the school and grace them with their presence. A look from them is a blessing, a frown from them is a death sentence carried out by the students.
It is a wonder that Shin Hwa’s Academy can get anything done with the Fab4 ruling the school. Even the teachers and staff are afraid of them. Shin Hwa Academy, is the Fab4’s playground and nothing can stand in the way of these impeccably dressed teen tyrants…Until the girl of justice shows up.
Meet the young and dazzling young men of the Fab4.

They are:

Song Woo Bin, is the heir of II Sim Construction. He comes from a family of real estate tycoons. The company also owns several clubs and salons. Song Woo Bin's little black book could be worth a few hundred bucks. Song Woo Bin, is sort of the bad guy of the four, with his leather gloves and fighting skills.

So Yi Jung: Is a genius in ceramics. He debuted his work at the age of sixteen. Making him the youngest artist to be selected by Unesco. He is the only member of the Fab4 to have achieved wealth and success on his own. So Yi Jung's Grandfather is the owner of Woo-song  museum. So Yi Jung has a sweet face, and both ears are pierced.

Yoon Ji Hoo: Ji Hoo comes from a tragic past. When he was five, he and both is parents were in a car accident. He was the only survivor of the crash. Yoon Ji Hoo rides a motor cycle and has a habit of wearing white, he also plays the violin.

Last but not least is Goo Joon Pyo: He is the most wealthy and spoiled member of the group. Snobbery takes on a completely new meaning with Goo Joon Pyo. He has a house filled with servants, and everything he ever wanted. Goo Joon Pyo is the leader of the Fab4 and successor of the great Shin Hwa group; the company who own's half of Skorea. Goo Joon Pyo has the most style in his dress, he enjoys wearing elaborate clothing and has his hair curled.

                                               Image courtesy of DramaFever.

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