Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Writing about Kdramas.

I had the corner market(not sure if that's the correct way to say that?) on some content orders a few weeks ago, well some jerk who lives there is eating up all the orders. They are about 30 to 50 words, but only 1 cent per word, so unless I've watched them...
I can find the shows on Dramafever easily enough, but they are an hour long, and to spend an hour to earn fifty cents...

I offered to work for them exclusively and they said they might consider it. I quoted a high price so we could haggle it out and sorry my time is worth money...They have not responded, why should they when there is someone who can do it for half the cost.

Seems most people want Cheap, Fast, Good writing and they forget that half the time you can only get one. So I guess if I had only asked for 2 cent a word, I might have gotten them to accept my work.

Oh well, not every time will get you money.

In the meantime, I will devote myself to my Kblog and hope that someone will love it and want me to write for them for more than one cent per word.

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