Monday, February 18, 2013

Boys Over Flowers episode 1 guide part 2

Hello again.
When we last left off, Madam Soo was upset that the name of her excellent academy was being dragged through the mud, all because of one simple stupid little girl. 
The solution to stop the press from sticking their noses where they don’t belong, and taking the mysterious girl out of the lime light; a scholarship.
Madam Soo’s chief secretary goes to Jan Di’s home and informs her that for her selfless act, she has been awarded a scholarship to the prestigious, Shin Hwa Academy, (the very same school of the boy whose life she saved). Jan Di’s family is so excited that she is going to the school. They see it as a way for them to climb the rungs of wealth and power. In their minds, Jan Di will go to a rich school, meet a nice rich boy and he will be so taken with her that he’ll bestow gifts and fortunes upon her family. Soon, they will marry and her family will live the life of luxury.
Jan Di, does not want to go to the school. She does not like how people with money behave, and treat others. She screams at her family that she will not go and that is all there is to it. Her family reminds her that this school has an amazing swimming pool. This give Jan Di pause, they found her Achille's heel, or swimmer's ear, she loves to swim. She considers it a moment, then says no again. Against her daughter's wishes, Jan Di's mother forces her to go, seeing it as a chance for their family to have a better life. The next day, Jan Di starts at Shin Hwa Academy, and we meet the Fab4. Stay tuned... 

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