Monday, December 31, 2012

Watch Kdramas for almost free!

How to save money when you are obsessed with Korean Dramas!

1. Watch the shows online.
 Imagine having all of your Kdramas like Faith, What Planet Are You From, and Strike Love right at your finger tips, without having to pay a hefty cable bill to watch them.
 By going onto your search engine and typing in "watch Kdramas" you will find many sites that will allow you to watch many TV shows. An amazing benifite to these sites is that many of them are free and allow you to watch entire shows in the comfort of your home. They even offer phone apps so you will never be without your favorite Kdrama!

2. The library.
If like me, you are also reading the manga or comic, or book that the show is based off of, buying the books online can set you back a lot of dough. The library, is a great option to getting all the books and magazines out there for little to no cost to you. Using the library couldn't be easier, just log into your account online, request titles and in a few days go and pick up your books and be in Kdrama heaven. 

3. Internet TV.
Using a gaming device, or a DVR device you can stream all your favorite dramas and movies to show on your big screen TV. There is a flat fee to pay for this wonderful technology  but it ends up being a fair trad since they offer little to no commercials and you can pause the shows and take a break and come back to right where you left off.

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